We are looking for partners in our private jets. Jet partner ownership is a fairly new idea in the arena of jet proprietorship. Ownership clears the path of private travel for executive, professionals and casual travelers who desire the benefits of a private jet, but do not want the expense (initial purchase and ongoing service cost) of private jet ownership. Share the cost of owning a jet with other partners. Your partnership secures a block of time annually for your exclusive use. You can put away the frustration of commercial travel by becoming a partner.


The primary rewards of owning your own jet are safety, convenience and cost savings.

  • Research shows that private jets are more convenient than commercial flights. There are more airports to land you closer to your destination. Corporate aircrafts land at roughly 5,500 USA airports VS approximately 500 for commercial airlines.

  • Partnering with us is cost effective, preserving four hours’ time and adding eight hours productivity time per flight.

  • Safety is our first concern and every precaution is taken for your flight from takeoff to landing.

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